PIX AND COLOURS is a design studio founded by Ute Hintersdorf,

providing Graphic Design and Design for film. She graduated in Communication Design

and gained experience from a wide variety of projects including poster design, title design, editorial design and other printed matters. Clients range from film distributors, production companies and film schools. Her book about contemporary german movie posters was published in march 2009, you can get it here:





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Medium: @utehintersdorf

Instagram: pix_and_colours
Tumblr: pixandcolours.tumblr.com

Facebook: facebook.com/pixandcolours

LinkedIn: pix-and-colours

Youtube: pix and colours Berlin /// design for film






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pix and colours /// Berlin


Mail: Ute Hintersdorf, Danziger Str. 177, 10407 Berlin

E-mail: info[at]pixandcolours.com

Phone: +49(0) 176 6426 1186

Web: pixandcolours.com